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UR HLA VISTAHERMOSA, over 35 years nurturing life!

Innovative, because we are always at the forefront. In 1983 we inaugurated the Valencian Community’s first semen bank for cryo-preservation of male gametes, in order to be used in artificial insemination or to be cryo-preserved for radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery.


Our most treasured value, people. The best professional staff in each area for your peace of mind.


Our success rates place us at the forefront in our field. We apply the most modern techniques to achieve the best results.

Egg/semen donation

Thanks to our donors, we can make your dream come true. We grow, thanks to your dreams.


In-house Genetics Department. Improvements in each treatment.
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COVID-19 vaccines, assisted reproduction and pregnancy

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SecureFIV combines in Vitro fertilization and preimplantation genetic testing to select the best embryo

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Having trouble conceiving?: UR Vistahermosa offers new treatment techniques that create effective solutions

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UR Vistahermosa encourages the use of telemedicine, a close, effective and user-friendly tool for patients

COVID-19: Editorial Dr. José J. López Gálvez

With a male partner
The finest treatment and care, together we achieve your aim of becoming parents.
Single maternity
A personal choice to become a mother, relying on the experience in and safety of assisted reproduction techniques.
With a female partner
Female partner sharing maternity, one as the genetic mother and the other as the gestational mother.


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Very professional! We had a great experience with our visit to this clinic. We have through many years been through a lot in our home country, but at this clinic, our dreams have come through twice! We are very thankful!
My experience with UR VistaHermosa is very good. The clinic is very much focussed on how they can facilitate people who want to become parents and always thinks of solutions and not in limitations/problems. The professionals at UR VistaHermosa are very genuine and intrinsically motivated to help you. The service they provide is quick, complete and makes the whole process very easy. I would recommend everyone to select this clinic in order to make your dream come true. Our dream came true!

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