90% effectiveness rate in treatment
Guaranteed Pregnancy Programs
To have a healthy baby at home
Best private hospital in Alicante

UR HLA VISTAHERMOSA, over 35 years nurturing life!

Innovative, because we are always at the forefront. In 1983 we inaugurated the Valencian Community’s first semen bank for cryo-preservation of male gametes, in order to be used in artificial insemination or to be cryo-preserved for radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery.


Our most treasured value, people. The best professional staff in each area for your peace of mind.


Our success rates place us at the forefront in our field. We apply the most modern techniques to achieve the best results.

Egg/semen donation

Thanks to our donors, we can make your dream come true. We grow, thanks to your dreams.


In-house Genetics Department. Improvements in each treatment.
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UR HLA Vistahermosa guarantees your Safety and peace of mind against the Coronavirus

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The International Department of UR Vistahermosa HLA offers a direct and close treatment with no language barriers

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HLA Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit is integrated inside the best private hospital in Alicante

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UR Vistahermosa was in The Fertility Show London

We can help you to form a family

With a male partner
The finest treatment and care, together we achieve your aim of becoming parents.
Single maternity
A personal choice to become a mother, relying on the experience in and safety of assisted reproduction techniques.
With a female partner
Female partner sharing maternity, one as the genetic mother and the other as the gestational mother.

Join the movement

They take their time with egg vitrification. And you? Do you take your time?

You can also think ahead today and protect your fertility in order to be a mother in the future, when you decide, forgetting about your biological clock, and without worrying about a decrease in your fertility.

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