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Egg vitrification allows a woman to become a mother after cancer

Published in Sala de Prensa

With this technique, once the disease is overcome, a pregnancy can be faced without reproductive capacity being affected

The success rate of this procedure reaches 97%, similar to that of fresh oocytes

One of the biggest concerns of a woman diagnosed with cancer is whether she will ever be able to be a biological mother. Oncological treatments greatly reduce fertility, and may even lead to irreversible loss. Years ago there was no possibility, however today, thanks to the great advances that have been made in Reproductive Medicine, there are treatments that manage to give back the hope of being a mother to women who in fertile age overcome the disease.

According to the director of the Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit, José López Gálvez, “oncologists must offer adequate information to women who suffer from breast cancer, which is the most frequent of childbearing age, about reproductive treatments Assisted that are within their reach with the aim that they can preserve their fertility and not abandon the hope of having children. In this way, and once the disease is over, they will be able to face a pregnancy without the quality of their eggs, and therefore their reproductive capacity, being affected. ”

The specialist explains that the most advanced procedure to preserve the quality of eggs is vitrification of gametes. This technique, known as cryopreservation, consists of the ultra-fast freezing of gametes with cryoprotective substances and submerged in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 °. “The main advantage of this process over traditional freezing is that it prevents the formation of ice crystals that can damage the egg, obtaining excellent clinical results that are around 97%, similar to fresh oocytes.”

Although vitrification was designed to preserve the fertility of women with cancer, it has now become an option for those healthy women who are at their best reproductive stage but who can not or do not want to become mothers yet for a variety of reasons social. The cryopreservation allows to paralyze the quality of the fertility, to program it and to return it at the moment in which it decides to be mother.

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