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¿Can you have children and start a family after cancer?

Published in Sala de Prensa

The Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit ensures that the patients fulfill the dream of being mothers after overcoming the disease

The center achieves success rates similar to those obtained with fresh oocytes with the vitrification of ova and ovarian tissue.

One of the biggest concerns of a woman diagnosed with cancer is whether she will ever be able to become a biological mother, since oncological treatments greatly reduce fertility and even lead to her irreversible loss.

In a celebration such as the International Day Against Breast Cancer, the director of the Reproductive Unit Vistahermosa, Dr. José López Gálvez, emphasizes that “the good news is that the survival rate is getting higher, and invites to these women to realize that after this stage there is a lot, a lot of life. ”

For this reason, the specialist emphasizes the importance of information for these women who are facing this problem of childbearing age, to take the necessary measures to preserve their fertility and resume their plans of maternity when the disease is overcome.

The Reproduction Unit Vistahermosa has extensive experience in cryopreservation of ova and ovarian tissue until the moment of its use, and its pregnancy rates with thawed oocytes resemble that obtained with fresh eggs. “This is because we use a freezing technique called vitrification that has a huge advantage over conventional freezing in obtaining survival results in oocytes once thawed,” explains López Gálvez.

In this sense, it should be noted that the Reproduction Unit Vistahermosa is the only center in the province of Alicante and one of the few in Spain, authorized by the Ministry and the Ministry of Health to fertilize previously frozen eggs.

The Reproduction Unit, located in the Vistahermosa Clinical Hospital, has a large team of professionals who study each case in detail to determine which treatment and technique will be applied in each patient. The proximity and involvement of the team, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, ensure that after cancer, patients can dream again of being mothers and living the process in a satisfactory and calm way.

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