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Vistahermosa Clinic is the first Spanish private hospital that has a biobank

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The center, which has received official authorization, is the only one in Alicante authorized by the Department of Health

Vistahermosa Clinic is the first private hospital in Spain to receive administrative approval to hold a biobank.
The BioBank Vistahermosa, managed by the Genetic Unit of Vistahermosa Clinic is the only biobank in the province of Alicante, authorized by the Ministry of Health.

A biobank is defined in law as a nonprofit entity that houses collections of biological samples for diagnostic purposes or research, according to rigorous quality controls.
The BioBank Vistahermosa has a collection of DNA samples from infertile patients, only in the country and from patients who voluntarily and various centers of the Spanish geography, give samples for research purposes.

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In addition, the biobank contains another collection of DNA samples from donors of gametes, by law, are anonymous in Spain and that is a guarantee of added safety for patients and assisted reproduction centers and can access the donor genetic map without interfering their anonymity. Vistahermosa Clinic add so a new service to society, in its commitment to quality medicine and vanguard.