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Single-Parent Families

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Equal to single women when looking for a child in relation to hereterosexuales couples are creating a new type of family, single parent if they are single or two-parent women if they are lesbian couples, little known until now but is becoming increasingly widespread in our society.

Of the 470,000 children born each year in Spain (data from INE), 1.5% are conceived by Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), but really this percentage corresponds to half of couples who must resort to it for Reproductive Medicine the other half decide not to submit to these procedures and opt for alternatives such as adoption or life without children.

According to the SEF, 1500 single women go annually to the Centers for Reproduction pregnancy and of these, the group of lesbians already occupy more than 50%. This sector alone patients is increasing due to social changes occurring in recent times that make women increasingly arises the need to have children later in life without a father figure.

At the beginning of the century Europe represented 15% of world population and is currently hovering around 5%, we are following a slow journey toward demographic suicide, and that is where the TRA will help us to balance the figures.

Until now, the lone woman could become pregnant with donor sperm through artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization or egg donation but at this moment there is a new major social change promoted by the Ministry of Equality.

Equality spokeswoman said the parliamentary group of the Congress, Ms Carmen Montes, described the announcement of the National Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction 12 January the very positive fact allow lesbian couples to have a child in which a of them could provide the egg and, once fertilized, transferring it to your partner to bring it into being. This would avoid discrimination to gay couples now had access to such means as the current Spanish Law of Assisted Reproduction records that gamete donation should be anonymous. This opinion sets a precedent for gay couples and allowing them to conceive a child.

On the other hand, is going to approve a bill to amend Article 7 of the Law Regulating Rectification in Registry which will allow lesbian couples to register both the child born without one of them have to adopt her son from her partner. However, there is no equality in access to TRA as heterosexual couples need spousal consent in order to do while in the case of lesbians can access them without the consent of the couple, because first of all, premium being a mother.

As we can see, our law is one of the most advanced in the world to be continually updated as our society evolves. This makes us more even-handed when applying our TRA, allowing many more women to achieve their desire for a son. In this is how we worked all that is not dedicated to the Reproductive Medicine in this country, and especially ANAC, our National Association of Clinical Reproduction.