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The HLA Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit, a national and international benchmark in time lapse technology

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The center of Alicante offers all these systems to offer personalized treatments to their patients and significantly increase success rates

UR Vistahermosa líder en tecnología time lapse_tratamientos reproducción asistida alicante_mayo 2017The time lapse systems Eeva, Embryoscope, Gery and the Eeva-Gery combination are the newest embryo incubators that are currently available in assisted reproduction to significantly increase success rates. The HLA Reproduction Unit Vistahermosa is an international reference and national leader in these systems as it is one of the few international centers and the only Spanish that brings together all this latest technology to offer its patients personalized treatments depending on the profile of each couple try.

“These innovative incubators continuously and detailedly photograph the embryos, which facilitates the analysis of their complete evolution, dynamics of growth and development, as well as the number of cells and their nuclei,” explains the director of the HLA Reproduction Unit View Record in Scopus | “With this information can be evaluated the ability of each embryo to achieve a successful pregnancy and eliminates the factor of subjectivity that exists in traditional assessment cases.”

An interesting fact is the data from the international study conducted by the magazine Fertitity & Sterility on time lapse technology compared to the standard incubation methods, revealing that the patients in whom this new technology was applied had a 23% More likely to be pregnant and 36% less likely to have an abortion.

Custom Treatments

Embryoscope and Gery are two types of special incubators that incorporate a recording system that allows the visualization, control and UR Vistahermosa_tecnología time lapse_Embryoscope_Eeva_Geri_incubadores_reproducción asistida_web_analysis at all times of embryo development without the need to alter their in vitro culture conditions. “This type of systems we offer mainly to improve the success rates in pairs that by necessity or simple choice have to transfer a single embryo; Cases of repeated implantation failures with “apparently” good embryo transfers and in processes where few quality embryos are obtained in order to be able to analyze them accurately “, says the embryo of the HLA Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit, Juan Manuel Moreno.

The EEVA is a special microscope that, through a Software, with an algorithm based on more than 74 morphological parameters, is able to analyze the development of any embryo in culture, automatically classifying its implantation capacity. “This system is fundamental for those couples who in their previous cycles have had all their embryos with the same quality so it has been very difficult to select the most optimal to transfer. With the help of this technology, which analyzes and selects for us, we can assure the best quality embryo to achieve an evolutionary pregnancy, “says the director of the Laboratory of the HLA Reproduction Unit Vistahermosa.