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Ballesteros works from the SEF to ensure that the GSP is no longer an experimental technique

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The president of the Spanish Fertility Society stresses that Preimplantation Genetic Screening is an effective, safe and very useful technique

Dr.-José-Jesús-López-Galvez_Director-Médico-UR-Vistahermosa_Dr.-Joaquín-Rueda_Unidad-Genética-Vistahermosa_Agustín-Ballester_Presidente-SEF_fertilidad-alicante_junio-2017The president of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), Agustín Ballesteros, gave the lecture “Current Role of Preimplantation Genetic Screening” during the closing of the Master of Reproductive Medicine and Genetics, organized by the Chair of Biology of Human Reproduction of the University Miguel Hernández and the Reproduction and Genetics Units of the HLA Vistahermosa Hospital.

Ballesteros explained to the students the advantages offered by the Preimplantation Genetic Screening (SGP), that is, the genetic study of the embryo before its implantation in the maternal uterus, to detect genetic or chromosomal abnormalities of the embryo.

This technique, which “has not always been well considered due to its level of complexity and exigency”, is aimed at the detection of down syndrome or trisomy 21 (presence of three chromosomes 21), a relevant alteration due to its prevalence (1 in 800 Gestations), their survival and the high human and social impact. SGP is indicated mainly in cases of repetitive abortions in spontaneous pregnancies or after in vitro fertilization (IVF), as well as in implantation failures after several cycles of IVF with good quality embryos and without any apparent cause.

Ballesteros explained that “it is a technique that”; However, she argues that “its performance does not cause damage to the embryo and the Screening-Genético-Preimplantacional_Agustín-Ballester_Asociación-Española-Fertilidad_clausura-Máster-Biomedicina-Reproductiva_Unidad-Reproducción-Clínica-Vistahermosa_junio-2017results are very good even in conflicting indications that are given in the case of elderly women.”

The president of the SEF stressed that “embryonic selection not only improves clinical outcomes, but reduces the emotional cost of patients as it reduces the risk and attempts to achieve an evolutionary pregnancy.” He stressed that “there is no point in considering it as experimental nowadays, since the evidences as to its effectiveness, safety and usefulness are more than justified; Is used worldwide and is endorsed by a vast experience. ” The problem, argues the specialist, is that it needs a change of law, so he said that “since the SEF is working to get it”