UR HLA Vistahermosa guarantees your Safety and peace of mind against the Coronavirus

Our patients have expressed their concern about the expansion of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus, both in our country and around the world, which leads us to address this issue with transparency, security and peace of mind. The Reproduction Unit of HLA Vistahermosa has been effectively applying each and every one of the protocols required by the nNational Health authorities and the World Health Organization, paying special attention to a thorough disinfection and hygiene in our facilities.

Women who are undergoing fertility treatment should have the same concern and care of prevention as women who get pregant naturally, since pregnancy is a period in which the body is more susceptible to viral and bacteriological illnesses which cannot be combatted adequately.

The COVID-19 infection is transmissible by direct contact with an infected person, or by keeping a short distance of less than a meter when coughing, sneezing, or ejecting saliva or nasal secretions, coming with cough, fever, and shortness of breath. To avoid the risk of contagion, the most important tips are the following: wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face, especially after visiting public places, or after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.

The director of the UR HLA Vistahermosa Dr. José López Gálvez points out that elderly people are at the highest risk of catching the disease as well as those who have been diagnosed with pathologies such as heart diseases or immune-system disorders, and stress. Although there is no evidence that the Coronavirus may cause any negative effect on the fetus or a baby while in their mother´s womb, the contagion rate for pregnant women is similar to that of any adult. That is why it is important to follow the recommendations to prevent its contagion and spread.

We continue taking care of you

The Coronavirus should not stop your dream of having a family, but while we are fighting it, we shall not forget to act with all the necessary caution and responsibility, always fulfilling our purpose that is not only about achieving gestation, but also giving a healthy birth to a healthy child.

This situation of health and social alarm forces us to follow these recommendations:

  •  If you are undergoing a fertility treatment, you should contact us in order to build a series of strategies, which will be customized in each particular case. We can be contacted via email, telephone or video conference.
  • Postpone a face-to-face consultation with our Doctors if the present situation puts you under some kind of stress and contact us to set a new appointment.
  • If you have fever associated with respiratory symptoms, we advise you to go to your health center to adopt the appropriate measures decreed by the Ministry of Health.

We have activated a series of measures to continue attending to our patients online aimed at first visits, answering doubts and following up on ongoing pregnancies, so that there will be no delays or damage as soon as personal attention resumes. Our contact number is: + 34 672 27 29 61

We will continue to work as usual, since our clients are not patients at risk for this type of infection. The type of patients we see in our clinic are healthy people seeking pregnancy through reproductive treatment.

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The Professionals of the Hla Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit provide advice on the most suitable treatment to be a mom and start a family.

The centre is located in Clinic Hla Vistahermosa, with a hospital environment that provides security and confidence to our patients, feeling more calm and perfectly attended 24 hours a day.

To request a free first visit with a specialist, we will assist you at the following phone: + 34 672 27 29 61 or you can fill in the contact form on this link: https://urvistahermosa.com/en/contact/

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