UR HLA Vistahermosa carries out personalized treatments with pioneering technology to obtain the maximum effectiveness

“The happiness that our patients transmit to us when they leave our center in a state of gestation is the most satisfying and exciting thing. It is at that moment when we see the fulfilment of our job’s reason for being, “says Dr. José López Gálvez, Medical Director of the Reproduction Unit in HLA Vistahermosa. “We innovate to offer personalised and effective treatments, with pioneering technical instruments and gynaecological and genetic diagnostics to maximize the results and achieve an ongoing pregnancy in less than a year.”

Each one of us is biologically unique and different from the rest. This certainty is also true in medicine and assisted reproduction. Each person has different demographic and genetic factors. The key in Reproductive Medicine is to individualise the treatments for each patient.

The HLA Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit is a national leader and an international model in bringing together the most advanced technology. The Center is committed to innovation to offer its patients personalised treatments and techniques with the aim of achieving the maximum effectiveness and achieving the 90% success, ranking above the standards published by the Spanish Fertility Society.

Data evaluation and treatments

Individual markers of ovarian reserve. They indicate the biological status of the patient and help obtain real forecast information about the possibilities of conception and, thus, be able to assess the most appropriate stimulation treatment, in order to obtain the largest possible number of ovules, so that the possibilities of success are increased. They are necessary to avoid both overtreatment in women with high ovarian response and undertreatment in women with decreased ovarian response.

Embryos without chromosomal alterations. To achieve the healthiest embryo, free of any genetic modification, the Center has innovated

with a technique that combines In Vitro Fertilization with the genetic study of embryos (Preimplantation Genetic Screening – PGS). The unified treatment increases the chances of success with lower rates of abortion and without any risk to the patient. The Department of Genetics of the Reproduction Unit in HLA Vistahermosa has some diagnostic techniques that allow the individualised study of each of the embryos that are generated in the laboratory, in order to select the one with the greatest implantation capacity.

Time lapse incubators to improve success rates. Time-lapse technology is a proven progress in assisted reproduction which can be used to apply personalized treatments, according to the profile of each patient. The laboratory of Reproduction Unit in HLA Vistahermosa is a national leader and an international benchmark for gathering all the latest generation incubators that have now been launched on the market. With these pioneering incubators, the selection of the embryo with a better quality and a greater probability of implantation and ongoing pregnancy is optimized. This technology helps the professionals of the Center to be more effective, because it allows the observation of the embryo without having to remove it from its environment.


To preserve fertility to become a mother in old age. In fertility, age plays a determining role. However, today’s society leads women to postpone motherhood for work, economic and personal reasons. To schedule motherhood is essential to avoid infertility problems in the future. The specialists of the Reproduction Unit in HLA Vistahermosa advise women who decide to delay the time of being mothers to preserve their fertility at a fertile age, vitrifying their eggs to have the peace of mind to start a family when the right time comes. The deep freezing of gametes is also indicated for young women and men who need to undergo some treatments that may threaten their fertility.

The same dream, but more strength than ever.

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