Artificial insemination (AI)

Artificial insemination (AI)

Artificial insemination (AI) simply consists on placing the spermatozoa, previously washed and selected in the laboratory, inside the uterus. The insemination procedure is a simple routine of gynaecological examination and the results vary depending on the recipient’s age, the number of attempts carried out and the quality of the sperms.

Artificial insemination can be by husband (AIH) if the spermatozoa come from your partner, or by donor (AID), in case you don’t have a male partner or you do, but the characteristics of the his semen are not suitable for some reason and can’t be used.

In the event of needing semen from a donor, bear in mind that all the donors are of legal age, they are chosen according to their blood type and physiological characteristics of the recipient. They are anonymous and have been fully examined to make sure that they have no congenital, genetic or sexually transmitted diseases.

Once the ovulation date has been programmed, an appointment is set in our HLA Vistahermosa clinic Reproduction Unit to proceed with the insemination by using a thin catheter as a system to place the semen inside the uterus and that the sperm cells approach the egg to fertilise it. The procedure does not require hospitalisation, it is completely outpatient, painless and needs no rest or to suspend daily activities. It is rather advisable to have sexual relations between the 12-14 hours post-insemination.


Our cumulative pregnancy success rate after 4 cycles can be as much as 60% in AIH and 80% in AID (in 6 cycles).

These percentages can vary depending on the age of the patient and the specific conditions of every woman. All the cases are personally analysed by the Unit, looking for the highest percentage of success rate for your pregnancy.

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