The International Department of UR Vistahermosa HLA offers a direct and close treatment with no language barriers

The team of coordinators assist the international patients in their different languages giving them a warm welcome from the first contact and accompanying them in all the phases of the treatment

Professionalism and experience, sophisticated technology, advanced treatments, high success rates, affordable costs, quality in the process, excellent service and the security provided by a hospital environment are the main reasons why the number of people with infertility problems (married or single) moving from their hometowns to the Reproduction Unit HLA Vistahermosa is increased each year. These people are seeking help to have children and to raise a family, which has generated the known ‘’reproductive tourism’’.

The fertility centre receives numerous patients coming from different parts of the international geography who wish to undergo assisted reproduction treatments. To provide comprehensive care, the HLA UR Vistahermosa offers an experimented exclusive department. ” To save any distance, to accompany our patients from the moment they contact us and to facilitate the process as much as possible, this is our objective, “said Salome Lopez Garrido, International Development Manager of the International Department.” Every year more and more foreign patients match their assisted reproduction treatments to their holidays; parallel to the process, they enjoy the benefits of our climate, sun, beaches or artistic heritage”.

Direct, close and personalized treatment are the premise of the work carried out by the team of the International Department, using the different channels that the new technologies facilitate to establish close contact and find the balance between closeness and professional distance. “Our coordinators speak several languages: English, French, Italian or German, to make easier linguistic differences with patients, and give them a warm welcome and support during the various stages of the treatment, acting as interpreters with the medical team, ” Salome Lopez explains.

In order to facilitate the development of the process and the organization of the stay in our city, the International Department is adapted to the dates of its patients and, in certain cases, the department coordinates the first consultation through videoconferencing. “In this first visit, the patient exposes her situation to the specialist and raises all the questions exactly as if she were personally in the clinic. During the consultation, the results of the tests carried out in their country, previously sent and analysed, are explained, explaining their clinical situation, the steps of the process, the probabilities of success and the protocol to follow for their preparation”, she points out.

Egg donation, the most effective treatment in assisted reproduction

Various factors such as the delayed childbearing, low public coverage , the permissive legislation and high percentages that reach 90% of success in the Reproduction Unit HLA Vistahermosa, positioned egg donation as the ‘’star’’ treatment among the foreign patients, being one of the most demanded assisted reproduction procedures.

This technique allows a woman with fertility problems to be a mother with fertile ovules of a donor between 18 and 30 years old, fertilized with semen of the couple, or in the case of having it, from a donor.

The egg donation is anonymous regulated by the Spanish law and, as highlighted Dr. José López Gálvez, Medical Director of the UR HLA Vistahermosa, “the high percentages of success are obtained regardless the woman ‘s age. The requirements are to have a healthy uterus and good health, so it is an exceptional way for those women who, regardless of age, have failed conventional treatments, or have sterility problems due to treatments with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, endometriosis, genetic diseases or absence of good quality eggs. ”

UR HLA Vistahermosa, more than 35 years nurturing life

The professionals of the Reproduction Unit HLA Vistahermosa advise you on the most appropriate treatment to become a mother and start a family.

The clinic is in a hospital environment that provides security and confidence to patients, feeling calmer and perfectly assisted 24/7.

To request a free first consultation with a specialist, we will assist you at 0034 965 269 146/ 0034 627 272 961 (International Dpt) or by filling out the contact form on our website.

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