The Ovarian Rejuvenation Unit offers hope both to women of an advanced maternal age, low ovarian reserve, and natural or premature menopause who are seeking to become pregnant, and to those who decide to do so preventively. At the Reproduction Unit of UR Vistahermosa, we are taking another step forward in our 35+ years of promoting life by presenting our new OVARIAN REJUVENATION PROGRAM. 

Ovarian insufficiency is a problem that we face in the reproductive medicine office, which is why, in the Reproduction Unit of the Vistahermosa Clinic, we offer you an additional step so you can get pregnant with your own eggs through the administration of plasma rich in growth factors, which can be used to restore ovarian function as long as there is a pool of residual follicles in the ovaries. This will also increase the number of follicles, since their quality is directly related to age. 

In those cases where ovarian regeneration is used, it may be supplemented with other additional techniques that can improve the odds of pregnancy.

Patient Profile

1- Menopause or perimenopause.

2- Low ovarian reserve.

3- Abnormal anti-Müllerian hormone levels.

4- Premature ovarian insufficiency.

5- Endometriosis.

6- Certain autoimmune diseases.

Stages of the Program

1. Personalized case study. 

First visit with the specialist.

Gynecological exam and ultrasound.

Analysis of ovarian reserve.

Second in-person appointment with the specialist to go over the results.

2. Ovarian Rejuvenation Program Protocol 

Consists of injecting the patient’s own plasma (autologous), enriched with platelets and growth factors (PRP), into the ovaries. This often manages to improve ovarian function, increasing the chances of achieving pregnancy, both spontaneously and prior to ART.

The process is simple:

  • Blood extraction.
  • The hematology laboratory at the Vistahermosa Clinic processes the sample to produce plasma rich in platelets and growth factors.
  • On the same day, an intraovarian injection of this enriched plasma is done under sedation and ultrasound guidance, much like the puncture procedure during an IVF cycle.
  • We wait 2-3 months to evaluate the improvement in ovarian function prior to the proposed ART, if applicable.

3. Discounts and Benefits 

By joining the Ovarian Rejuvenation Program, you will get a special price on the assisted reproduction treatment and technique recommended by the specialist. 

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