Techniques The wide range of techniques and procedures that we offer and detailed below, will help you accomplish the wonderful experience of being parents.


When there is a male pathology, sperm selection is essential to obtain seminal quality and achieve an optimal embryo and avoid abortion.

Genetic studies

La Unidad de Reproducción Vistahermosa cuenta con un departamento de Genética donde trabajan doctores y especialistas con equipos necesarios para realizar un preciso diagnóstico clínico y consejo genético de enfermedades hereditarias.

Assisted hatching

On certain occasions we find cases of infertility without apparent cause, since the parents do not suffer from any pathology that prevents a pregnancy in a natural way.

In vitro egg maturation

La maduración in vitro (MIV) es el cultivo en nuestro laboratorio de embriología de los óvulos inmaduros hasta conseguir su maduración para ser fecundados.

Sperm recovery techniques

La primera prueba para diagnosticar al varón antes de iniciar un tratamiento de reproducción asistida es es estudio del eyaculado

Embryos freezing by vitrification

The embryo is the result of the union of the sperm and the ovule, it is a new cell with a nucleus of 46 chromosomes where the first stage of human life is born.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

Sperm microinjection allows our embryologists to introduce a single sperm, previously selected by the andrologist, into each mature ovule obtained from the patient's ovary.