Specialised Units

Comprehensive hospital care service and specialised units

The substantial growth of Reproductive Medicine is linked to research, scientific and technological advancements, current social demand and the combined work of multiple professionals to achieve a full term pregnancy and a healthy baby at home. It is for this reason that at the UR Group, we work under a concept of comprehensive patient care.

We are in a hospital environment which in addition to providing safety, trust and tranquillity in the framework of a 24 hour personalised care service with continued investment and large scale health innovation, is based on wide ranging medical technologies, health architecture and engineering and organisational, information and communication systems applied to excellence in patient care.

At our headquarters in Alicante, we have specific units composed of professionals specialising in the treatment of:

Embryo Implantation Failure and Repeated Miscarriage

Immunological Implantation Study

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Low Ovarian Reserve


Ovarian rejuvenation

Furthermore, as part of this comprehensive care concept that we have nurtured within our units, you can request personalised advice from the following specialties:

Genetics Unit 

Psychological Support Unit 

Nutritional UR Plan 

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