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We live very stressed lives and, with the practice of yoga, our mental and psychological state improves. We become calmer, something very necessary when we decide to be parents. Stress is one of the biggest fertility problems, as it directly affects the reproductive system.

The practice of yoga gives us flexibility and tones the entire pelvic area. This makes it more difficult to have ovulation problems and obstructions in the tubes. At the same time, the body will be better prepared for pregnancy and childbirth and recovery will be faster.

During pregnancy, normal breathing is very important, since at this stage oxygen consumption is increased by the presence of the foetus. With breathing techniques, the amount of oxygen in the blood increases, facilitating the oxygenation of all tissues and compensating for the extra oxygen demand necessary during pregnancy.

Every day, we are subjected to several situations that may cause changes that affect us and that, in turn, end up having an impact on the result of the fertility treatment. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the stress levels that our body suffers.

In this sense, relaxing massages play a great role, since they are a necessary element to achieve stability and a healthy lifestyle.

Our main objective through these relaxing massages is to help to control, alleviate and reduce stress levels as much as possible, regardless of its causes, thus achieving an improvement in the fertility treatment results.

Being calmer and with less tension implies a more favourable physical and mental well-being to achieve a pregnancy. We are talking about a service that is highly demanded by our patients before the embryo transfer, with the aim of reducing the stress and emotional burden that may be carried during the process. Check out our Relaxation Package, one more discipline to get closer to the dream of becoming a mother.


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