Psychological Support Unit

The majority of persons with conception difficulties suffer from enormous emotional stress which often leads to various psychological problems. Experts believe that around 80% would benefit from psychological counselling. However, currently only 5% of affected persons seek psychological help.

Psychological problems frequently associated with difficulty conceiving: 

  • Negative emotions such as fears, anxiety, depression, feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, rage, a feeling of helplessness, desperation…
  • Conflict within the couple and interference with their sex life.
  • Problems in the family and social environment when people are insensitive to the situation.
  • A lot of affected persons feel very alone when they do not have a person of trust to speak with openly about this difficult situation.

Our psychological counselling can help with:

  • Venting and feeling understood and supported
  • Developing the ability to manage negative emotions 
  • Strengthening the couple’s relationship
  • Overcoming individual crisis situations

In addition to general psychological counselling throughout the entire process (see above), the different fertility treatment phases can be reinforced with a specific psychological treatment in addition to the medical treatment.

Before the treatment:

Our psychological counselling can offer space to resolve important questions (such as: what treatment options are you considering, how do you want to manage the pressure or lack of understanding from your family and social environment, who do you want to tell about the treatment…)

While waiting for the treatment result:

When you are unsure or stressed or are afraid of the result, a psychological fertility professional can help you to overcome the emotional stress and make the situation more calm and serene.

After the treatment:

When the woman has become pregnant: Our psychological counselling can help to manage new fears in relation to the pregnancy.

When the treatment (still) has not resulted in a pregnancy: We look for a path to help get you through this difficult phase, giving you time and space for your sadness. Together we can see how you can proceed and who can help with this.

If there are no more options or if you do not want to continue with the treatment: We can help you to accept the situation and develop new alternative perspectives.

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