First appointment

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Once you get in touch with us through any of our platforms and you have arranged your first appointment, remember that you should provide us with any relevant information you have in your possession, any past medical reports and the results of any tests carried out and treatment received previously. It is essential that we have as much information as possible so that we can decide on the most suitable type of treatment.

At the Unit


Our medical staff will write your medical report in line with your reproductive background and any treatment that you might have had in the past. A pelvic examination and a vaginal ultrasound will be carried out along with the following:

In some rare cases should perform a hysteroscopy or laparoscopy as findings on tests.


You will need to have a semen analysis to evaluate the quality of the semen and the sperm, a karyotype and a Serology. This diagnosis might be complemented with additional tests such as the sperm DNA Fragmentation or the Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization test.


You can also get an appointment with our Andrologist for a better diagnosis and more help with the therapy. If any genetic alterations are detected, you’ll then be referred to our Genetic Department where your case will be analysed in more detail.

Accurate information about the progress, the techniques and the purpose of each test are available on request at all times just in case if you have any questions about the treatment and the cost of such; we want you to trust in us completely and feel reassured.

Having diagnosed the cause of infertility we will then decide on the most suitable reproductive technique to use, which will be started after you and your partner have been duly informed of such and you have both provided your informed consent to receive the treatment.


Before carrying out any technique, all the information about the process in question will be provided by:


As soon as a possible treatment has been determined, our administrative staff will provide you with ongoing information about all the corresponding formalities, paperwork, the cost of the proposed therapy and the medication that is going to be administered, the extra tests that are required and the subsequent acceptance of such. If the aforementioned cannot be completed in the first appointment another one will be scheduled later on.