Nutritional UR Plan

At UR Group we work tirelessly on the a concept of comprehensive patient care and for this reason we offer you the option to access the “UR Nutrition Plan” at a consultation with our team of nutritionists to reach a healthy weight before starting fertility treatment.

Importance of weight during assisted reproduction treatment

Starting assisted reproduction treatment at an optimum weight is good for the pregnancy and enjoying good health involves, among other factors, a high level of nutrition.

Having a Body Mass Index (BMI) above or below normal could negatively affect you when trying to get pregnant. In women it can lead to altered ovary function, a higher risk of having a spontaneous miscarriage, a lack of ovulation and/or poor quality of eggs etc. In men it can be related to altered quality and function of sperm.

For further information on diet and fertility and to check if your weight is correct with one of our nutrition specialists contact us.

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