Legal warning

1. General information

Pursuant to the provisions established in the Law 34/2002, dated the 11th of July, on the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, please be informed that the website is the property of the Unidad de Reproducción Asistida, S.L., assigned TIN: B54373691.

The Unidad de Reproducción Asistida, S.L. (Avenida de Denia, 103. 03015 Alicante), with contact telephone number: +34 965 26 91 46, has been duly registered at the Companies Register of Alicante, Volume 3.347, Page 207, Registration Sheet 115515.

2. General Conditions

The General Conditions established hereinafter govern the use of the website of the Unidad de Reproducción Asistida, S.L. (URVISTAHERMOSA), which can be accessed via the URL address

When using the website it is assumed that the user in question accepts the existing cautions and specifications at any given time, which are established hereinafter.

2.1. User Registration and free access to the content

As a rule, anyone who wants to access and browse around this website does not have to sign up to be a registered user beforehand.

Notwithstanding this however, access to certain services might require the user to be registered in the corresponding databases and therefore supply certain personal data, which in any case, would then be processed in accordance with the existing regulations on data protection.

In the event that accessing certain services does indeed require the user to be registered, they must use their password for the exclusive use of such, whereby it is entirely their responsibility to use this properly.

This means to say that URVISTAHERMOSA shall not be held responsible in any way for any damages that, where appropriate, could be done to third parties as a result of other individuals using the user’s password, regardless of whether they are aware of this or not.

Moreover, users can access and browse around the website free of charge, regardless of whether a certain service must be paid for or not, the amount of such would in any case be stated somewhere visible on the page.

2.2. Access denied to the content of the website

URVISTAHERMOSA might deny access to this website if the user fails to comply with any of the Conditions of Use established herein.

3. Industrial and Intellectual Property

The trade name “URVISTAHERMOSA” and other distinctive signs used on this website are owned by and are the exclusive property of URVISTAHERMOSA, which has duly registered them.

Furthermore, the domain name and any others used to directly access this website are also the exclusive property of the entity, whereby the improper use of such shall be prosecuted pursuant to the provisions established in the corresponding Law.

The aforesaid ownership gives the owner the exclusive right to use these distinctive signs, wherefore the use of such by unauthorized third parties is strictly prohibited.

All the texts, images, sounds, videos and in general, the intellectual work that is available on this website, is protected by copyright according to the law on intellectual property, except for the use of public domain work that has been willing accepted by the author of such, which is not owned by the entity, and can therefore be accessed and then downloaded by users free of charge.

Nevertheless, users acknowledge the fact that authorisation is required to be able to see, print, copy or store the content of this website on their hard drive or in another type of hardware, as long as the copyright and intellectual property rights are upheld, pursuant to the conditions established herein.

The content of this website cannot be used for anything other than for personal interests without obtaining the clear written authorisation from URVISTAHERMOSA.

The links to other sites that are made available on this website to help users access them, respect the corresponding intellectual property rights.

4. Responsibility

URVISTAHERMOSA undertakes to use all the measures possible to prevent any illegal information or content appearing on this website, and delete this data if it becomes aware that it does indeed exist.

In turn, URVISTAHERMOSA shall take the corresponding action to prevent, or where appropriate, delete any links to websites with illegal content from its website, which could give rise to illegal activities or infringe on the legally established rights.

Moreover, it hereby informs users that the information available on this website might not be completely up-to-date or accurate, and therefore it cannot be held responsible for this content, or for that which is provided by the suppliers or other third parties that use this website, or for any possible damage caused by the use of such.

URVISTAHERMOSA cannot be held responsible for the opinions given in forums that might be held in its website, although it shall make sure that they are used in the correct manner.

The information available on this website might be modified on a regular basis, as deemed fit, without the entity having to inform the users of such.

URVISTAHERMOSA cannot be held responsible for any faults in the normal functioning of the website or the services that are made available to users, if they are caused by factors that cannot be attributed to this entity.
Furthermore, URVISTAHERMOSA is not liable for any computer viruses that could cause subsequent damage.

5. Data protection

Pursuant to the provisions established in the Organic Law 15/1999, dated the 13th of December, on the Protection of Personal Data, users of this website are hereby informed that their personal data shall be stored on file, which URVISTAHERMOSA is responsible for.

Users agree to provide true and accurate information that is up-to-date and they accept the fact that they shall be held responsible for any damage that might be caused as a result of supplying false or incorrect data.

When supplying their personal data, it is assumed that users fully agree to have it processed by URVISTAHERMOSA. This data shall only be passed on to third parties pursuant to the requirements established in the corresponding data protection regulations.

With regard to their personal data URVISTAHERMOSA guarantees users their right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose, which they can exercise by informing the legal department of URVISTAHERMOSA of their wishes in writing by post or email.

6. Legislation and jurisdiction

The aforementioned General Conditions are governed by the provisions established in Spanish law.

Any disagreement or dispute that arises between the interested parties over the content of the URVISTAHERMOSA website shall be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Alicante, whereby they clearly waive any other jurisdiction to which they might be entitled.

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