First appointment

The Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit specializes in fertility treatments, but our team is motivated by a single dream: to accompany you on your path to having a healthy child at home. And that is why, from the first contact with our Unit, you will be assisted by all of us, so that you feel the tranquility, confidence and security of having us with you at each stage of the treatment, giving you all the necessary information, the best service and personalized attention from your first visit.

1. Arrival at the clinic

For your peace of mind and that of anyone accompanying you, all our hospitals comply with the safety and health protocol against COVID-19, to guarantee your health and that of our staff. The UR Group for Assisted Reproduction has received the AENOR Certification.

2. Background and infertility history

In the event that you have previously undergone any other assisted reproductive treatment, it is extremely important that you bring all the reports, test results and other documents of your medical history with you to your first consultation.

3. Gynecological examination and ultrasound

We will perform a gynecological evaluation together with a transvaginal ultrasound in order to examine the internal anatomy of your uterus and ovaries.

4. Analysis of the ovarian reserve

The ovarian reserve is directly related to female fertility. The quantity of eggs that the woman possesses is finite and with age this drops increasingly. We will perform a blood test to measure your ovarian reserve.

5. Personalized treatment

Each patient is unique and therefore their treatment too. According to the test results, our specialists will advise you on the treatment that best suits your case in particular, so that the treatment will have a high probability of success.

6. Explanation of the treatment

Our patient care staff will explain in detail the various stages of treatment and the provisional schedule. They will also show you your detailed and personalized cost estimate.

7. Financing

You have the opportunity to finance your treatment without interest and according to your payment possibilities. You do not have to do any management; we take care of everything for you. Our patient care staff will explain everything to you during the visit.

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