Single woman

Conceiving as a single woman in Spain

The existing Spanish law on reproduction establishes that any woman can make use of assisted reproduction technology regardless of her marital status and sexual orientation. That being the case, any woman can receive assisted reproductive treatment with donated sperm as long as she signs an informed consent form, after being told what her rights and obligations are concerning the newborn baby.

If the woman is married or has a partner, the informed consent has to be signed by both parties and the corresponding rights and obligations shall apply to both of them.

Single women and homosexual couples often come to our centre in search of the long-awaited pregnancy. The Reproduction Unit is conscious of this and does its utmost to help all its patients conceive, even if they don’t have a male partner.

If a woman wants to gestate but does not have suitable eggs (ova) to do so, she can always opt for an anonymous ova donation if she is single or she can receive them from her partner if she is homosexual. In the first case, two informed consent forms would have to be signed, one for the donated sperm and the other for the donated ova. In the second case, the partner would only have to sign the informed consent form for the sperm donation and both women would be responsible for the newborn.

This has been mentioned in an attempt to raise awareness of the new social situation for this group of individuals who share the dream of so many other couples: to have a child.

The equality of single women or homosexual couples in terms of having a child just like heterosexual couples is creating a new type of family, single parent or biparental in the case of a lesbian couple. This is now accepted in Spanish society and our Reproduction Unit does its utmost to promote this.