Become a semen donor Your gesture will help achieve the dream of having a baby.

Semen donation provides personal satisfaction through helping many couples who, due to their age, illness or genetic disorders suffer fertility problems, and who are unable to have children on their own. Your donation will help them to reach their dream of being parents.

We can provide you with pioneering treatments in assisted reproduction, highly experienced specialists along with the exclusive location of the Alicante Vistahermosa Clinical Hospital, which will provide you with safety and peace of mind.

Donation is a voluntary, altruistic and selfless act. Financial remuneration of any kind can neither be requested nor granted, but you will be paid for your time, in accordance with current law and regulations.

Donors have full anonymity and are selected in function of their blood group and physical characteristics of the requesting couple.


  • There is a minimum age limit of 18 years.
  • Both good physical and psychological health is required along with a full capacity to act.
  • Neither the donor nor their direct family members suffer from known genetic disorders or other hereditary diseases.


The process is started with a first informative visit, where all the candidates’ queries are answered, always ensuring confidentiality, personalised treatment and comfort.

Then a basic health questionnaire is completed and various psychological, blood and semen specific tests are carried out to ensure the satisfactory physical and psychological status of the males concerned as well as to rule out congenital problems, malformations or sexually-transmitted diseases.

The semen sample is obtained through masturbation, and is collected in a sterile recipient after 3 to 5 days of sexual abstinence.

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