Be an egg donor Thanks to the altruism of many women, others can be mothers. The egg donation is a voluntary act which has an economic compensation regulated by the law and based on the inconveniences caused by trips and treatments.

Ovule donation in Spain is anonymous; both the donor and the recipient are unaware of the identity of the other. This fact means that the donor will have no responsibility on the baby born from the ovule.


  • Be between ages of 18 and 35
  • Be in good physical and mental medical condition
  • Sign a contract allowing the use of the ovules
  • Thorough medical examination which gathers physical data and blood tests to detect the presence of diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis C, rubella or sexually transmitted diseases.

All this process takes about 40 minutes and it is compatible with the donor’s normal life: studies, work, hobbies and family.

Next steps

  1. Complete an application form with all the donor’s data.
  2. One of our specialists will call you explaining all the details of the ovule donation process.
  3. During the first visit we will personally explain the donor all the process and there will be a gynaecological check-up that includes cultures, a transvaginal ultrasound, breast exploration and blood test.
  4. With the results obtained, the donor will be able to know in detail her health status and will be appointed for a psychological interview. If the results indicate that the donor is suitable, she will be given the necessary medication and its administration instructions.
  5. The hormone treatment to stimulate the donor’s ovaries needs to be started in the next menstruation and during the following next 10 days.
  6. 3 or 4 controls must be done during the treatment, taking into account the most convenient moment. The control is carried out by placing an ultrasound probe in the vagina. It is not painful and allows us to verify that the treatment responds.
  7. Once the donor is prepared for the ovules extraction, the hCG hormone is injected to trigger the ovulation. This is done 36 hours before the follicular puncture.
  8. Follicular puncture. It is a very simple, painless and quick intervention to extract the follicular fluid where the ovules are located. Our gynaecologists schedule the follicular puncture in the operating room when the ovules show ovarian follicles of adequate size. This procedure does not need hospital admission and is done under sedation. The process of ovule retrieval takes between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the number of follicles, and is controlled using a vaginal ultrasound.

Once the process is over, the patient rests for one hour approximately. Once discharged, she can carry out a normal life though it is recommended to limited physical activity. After a few hours, we contact the donor by phone to see how she’s doing. In addition, we provide her with an emergency number where she can call to if she has any doubts and so that she never feels alone.

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