Egg donation

This treatment is suitable for patients who, for different reasons, do not have oocytes that can produce a healthy embryo which grows and develops properly. The treatment involves In Vitro Fertilisation with the donor’s ova and the male’s sperm and then the embryos are transferred to the recipient.

This technique is suitable for older women, those with occult ovarian failure, genetic disorders, recurrent miscarriages, menopause…

Before the procedure starts, the patient has to be interviewed so as to compile her medical report and carry out the necessary medical examinations or tests to ensure the success of the transfer. The recipient is administered hormone treatment to get her uterus ready to receive the embryos. There has to be a lot of coordination between the donor and the recipient so that the best results possible are obtained.

It is not a painful process and the recipient doesn’t have to wait very long as our donation programme guarantees a transfer within 3-4 weeks from uterine preparation.

The ova donor remains anonymous, this is legally required and both parties have to give their written consent to take part. The donors must be of legal age, they must be young and healthy women, who do not have any genetic disorders, who want to help other women be mothers. The choice of donor depends on their blood type and the physical characteristics of the recipient couple.

Currently this technique has a 90% pregnancy success rate with three cycles transferring two embryos; only 15% of such result in multiple pregnancies. This technique gets the best results per cycle as the embryos seem to have more implantation potential due to the donor’s age.

Aditional treatment: Egg donation with PGS

→ Egg donation: Safety and peace of mind

Safety and peace of mind. If it is ever necessary to analyse the donor’s DNA in the future to genetically evaluate the newborn baby (due to a disease or any other type of problem), even though this is extremely rare, the DNA of all our donors are kept in the BIOBANK at our genetics unit for more peace of mind and tranquillity about the baby’s health.

Anonymity. This study does not involve having the donor’s address, we do not have to get in touch with her or use her personal data, all we need is her genetic profile, in this way her privacy is respected.

Free. This service is completely free and we do not charge the recipients for keeping the samples for an unlimited period of time.

Availability. An official medical report which is assessed by our geneticists is required first before the sample can be used.

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