Artificial Insemination (AI)

Artificial insemination involves putting the sperm cells (spermatozoa) that have already been collected, washed and selected in the laboratory, inside the uterus. The insemination procedure feels just the same as a simple routine gynecological examination and the results of such vary according to the recipient’s age, the number of attempts made and the quality of the sperm.

There are two types of artificial insemination: by husband/partner (AIH) which is when the sperm cells come from your partner, or by donor (AID), if you don’t have a partner or if you do, but the characteristics of their sperm are not suitable for some reason.

If sperm is needed for this procedure, bear in mind that all the donors are of legal age, they are chosen according to their blood group and the physiological characteristics of the recipient, they are anonymous and they have been fully examined to make sure that they have no congenital, genetic disorder or sexually transmitted disease.

Our cumulative pregnancy success rate after 4 cycles can be as much as 60% in AIH and 80% in AID (6 cycles).

These percentages can be modified depending on the age of the patient and the specific conditions of every woman. All the cases are analyzed personally by the Unit, looking for the highest percentage of success rate for your pregnancy

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