Assisted Reproductive Treatment


There is a wide range of techniques and procedures available to help you have this wonderful experience of being parents, the details of such are as follows:

Sperm recovery techniques

Normally, the sperm samples are collected by means of directly masturbating into a special container that the patient is given the same day that the a…

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Egg donation

This treatment is suitable for patients who, for different reasons, do not have oocytes that can produce a healthy embryo which grows and develops pro…

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Embryo donation

If you are single woman or a couple affected by untreatable sterility, you can try embryo donation. Sometimes, the embryos are cryopreserved after the…

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Eclosión Asistida

Assisted hatching

The Assisted Hatching technique involves the artificial creation of an opening in the embryo to improve the implantation rate. This method is generall…

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Genetic studies

The Hospital Clinica Vistahermosa has a Medical Genetics Unit with all the staff and equipment needed to be able to give an accurate clinical diagnosi…

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Sperm bank

Our exclusive sperm bank in Spain (Alicante) has a wide range of races, blood types and phenotypes so that any woman or couple can benefit from all th…

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Implantation failures

In case you are in this situation, that is the absence of pregnancy after 2 embryo transfers of 2 good quality embryos, both when fresh or frozen embr…

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MACs is a Sperm Selection Technique that allows us to choose those sperm with better characteristics to be used in the Assisted Reproduction Technique…

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Time-Lapse (Embryoscope)

Embryoscope is the most modern and innovative human embryos incubation system that is revolutionizing the global reproductive biomedicine. It is an in…

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Test Eeva

The Eeva (Early Embryo Viability Assessment Test) test is a method of early diagnosis by TIME- LAPSE technology that evaluates the embryo viability by…

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