Dr. José Jesús López Galvez: «Our goal is to break the barrier of infertility»

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The UR Group, present in different parts of our country, performs approx. the 10% of the national operations per year, more than 8,000 annual reproduction treatments.

Hospital Clínica Vistahermosa Unidad de Reproducción Alicante SpainThe UR Group, led by Dr. Jose Jesus Lopez Galvez, is created over 30 years ago in the Reproduction Unit Vistahermosa. Today it brings together nine infertility hospital centers distributed by the Spanish geography, located in Alicante, Almeria, Ceuta, Denia, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia and Zaragoza, and next year will have its first international center in Mexico City.

Hospital location that offers the safety of a healthcare structure; to have one of the most important genetic units of our country; the firm commitment to teaching and research, and strong investment in high technology, are clear and notable differentiators that have positioned and given the Reproduction Unit Vistahermosa a strong reputation, reflected in their good success rates that are above the standards published the Spanish Fertility Society.

The UR Vistahermosa Group has consolidated in Spain with performing 10% of the national operations per year; ie over 8,000 annual reproduction treatments. «To optimize diagnostics and to achieve the highest success rates is what justifies having equipped our Units with the most modern technological equipment» because, says Lopez Galvez, «our goal is to break the barrier of infertility».

Embryo selection: time-lapse and genetic studies

The director of the Reproduction Unit Vistahermosa stresses that investing in professional expertise and advanced technological equipment is to identify the embryo with greater possibility of implantation and subsequent evolutionary pregnancy. «This is the real success in Reproductive Medicine», he stresses.

The specialist explains that «the sophisticated Time-lapse technology and genetic studies provide valuable information to accurately perform a viable embryo selection in order to have a healthy baby at home.»

The Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit has the Embryoscope and Eeva selection systems that are controlled and constantly analyzes the development and morphology of embryos in order to transfer in the uterus the best one. With this tool the center has managed to increase by 20% the chance of pregnancy, placing its success rate at 85% and avoiding multiple births. «We are proud to offer our patients the best technical instruments in the field of worldwide reproductive medicine».

Analisis labInfertility problems also are often associated with chromosomal alterations due to delayed maternal age. «Current scientific advances in genetics get to nullify the negative effects of age in 90% of cases,» he says. For this reason the assessment and genetic studies in all phases of the treatment, preconception, prenatal and pre-implantation, are now fundamental in assisted reproduction.

López Gávlez points out that genetic studies like karyotype in blood, FISH sperm test(chromosome abnormalities); compatibility analysis and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) among others, are an option to consider by those couples with a high risk of transmitting genetic abnormalities to their children.

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